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OM Shanti Yoga & Healing Arts, LLC

We offer a variety of healing arts to relax, renew and rejuvenate, the body, mind and the spirit. Weekly Yoga classes & Wellness Classes with Essential Oils, Many modalities of Massage Therapy, Reiki, and body treatments such as Moroccan red clay wraps, body scrubs and the Om Shanti Signature Sacred Mandala Foot Bath.

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Kathryn Sutliff

Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Alliance Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Certified Yoga Trance Dance Instructor, Certified Positional Therapist, Certified Traditional Thai-Yoga Massage Therapist and Traditional Thai Massage CE instructor,  Certified Reiki Master & Certified Level II Hot Stone Therapist, Certified Spiritual Minister.

Owner of Om Shanti Yoga & Healing Arts, LLC

Ananda Kathryn has always been a healer by nature. She is very passionate about all healing modalities and has been studying healing modalities since her yoga teacher training and Thai-yoga level I at the Kripalu Center in 2007, where she was then named “Ananda” by her teachers. Ananda is Sanskrit for the ultimate state of bliss.

In 2008 she decided to travel to Thailand and deepen her training, learning from the masters. Upon her return she decided she wanted to know more ways to heal through touch, so she started studying Swedish and Therapeutic Massage techniques at the Center For Natural Wellness in 2009, trying to build her “Healing Tool Box”.

She has training in Massage Therapy, Positional Therapy, Kripalu Yoga, Spa Body Treatments such as body scrubs & body wraps, Hot/ Cold/ Crystal Stone Therapy, Energy work, Meditation, Yoga Trance Dance, Reiki, Traditional Thai Massage, reflexology and more. Kathryn is a member of the America Massage Therapy Association, the owner of Om Shanti Yoga & Healing Arts wellness center in Castleton, NY, and a certified Minister with the United Life Church. She has done various volunteer programs at Kripalu – School of Yoga and Health, many festivals and even hospice at Albany Med.  For the past year she has also been a continuing education instructor at CNW,  School of Massage Therapy, sharing her love for Thai Yoga Massage!

Her style of teaching is very detail oriented and hands- on.  She aims to leave her students & Clients craving more knowledge in the field of healing arts because she herself, never wants to stop learning, knowing the well of knowledge is endless and ever fulfilling.
Coming from a dark past, she understands the magnitude of alternative healing modalities for body, mind, and spirit.


Alison Wheeler
Licensed Massage Therapist


Alison is a graduate of Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY. CNW is where she learned her tools to become a NYS License Massage Therapist after an extensive program of 1020 hours and passing a NYS Massage Therapy Board Exam. CNW’s massage program included Swedish and Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Massage Therapy, Oriental Massage and Theory, Anatomy and Physiology, Myology and Kinesiology, Pathology, Neurology, Health and Hygiene, First Aid and CPR, Business Practices and an externship at Van Rensselaer Manor to treat residents of the community. With over 55 hours in the student clinic she was able to hone her craft while possessing an open mind to learn more. She is honored to engage her clients with the beauty of touch. During each massage session she relays pure love, energy and eternal presence. Her intentions are set to increase each client’s sense of body awareness. She relays a calming sense of healing all while encouraging physiological benefits that Swedish Massage unravels.


Nicholas Petrucco

Certified Sound Healer
Minister with the United Life Church

Nicholas Sound Therapist

Nicholas’ discovery and journey into the healing properties of sound started in 2010 while searching for a method to treat his issues with chronic depression. After long struggling with depression, related emotional storms and self destructive behaviors he tried western medicine and therapies and was told he would need to take medication the rest of his life. Not willing to resign himself to this, he sought out alternative treatments in alignment with his spiritual beliefs. It was when he first encountered a Himalayan singing bowl that his life changed. “ When I found and played my first bowl it felt like electricity flowing through me and it vibrated where I felt the pain of my depression. The more I played, the better I felt until the pain was gone.” After this experience Nicholas sought and learned how tones connect with bodily and energetic systems. This has guided him along his path to train in techniques passed down from native healers and earn a certificate in vibrational healing and study with his friends and mentors Philippe & Lea Garnier, Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and Wise Rune Woman Ingrid Kincaid. Nicholas strives to continually learn and walk the path of healing and ceremony.

Nicholas utilizes a variety of tools for sound healing and ceremony that include metal and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, rattles, drumming, shells horns, whistles, chanting, toning and aromatherapy.




Cheryl Williams
RYT 300, Pilates Instructor and Reiki Master


Yoga & Pilates:

Cheryl received her Pilates Mat Certification at Core Pilates NYC in 2015 and her Power Vinyasa yoga certification in 2016. Cheryl recently relocated to the Albany area after having been a Fashion Industry professional living and working in New York City for 12 years and most recently working in the wellness community in her hometown of Elmira, NY. She has always been active in competitive athletic activities from gymnastics, softball and swimming as a child and throughout high-school to traditional training at gyms throughout her college years and twenties. She was introduced to Pilates & Yoga 6 years ago and was immediately captivated by the way they strengthened the muscles in her entire body, which other forms of exercises hadn’t. She continues to be inspired by the way both modalities realign, motivate, and improve all body types and that they work for beginners to experts! Cheryl loves teaching Yoga & Pilates, the mind- body connections they create and building relationships with her students.


Cheryl has become increasingly interested in alternative approaches to healing and wellness due to her own health issues. After searching out natural ways to overcome autoimmune disease when Western medicine didn’t help, she discovered Yoga, Pilates, Accupuncture/Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Reiki. The combination of whole body wellness and nutrition have steered her onto a path of making this a way of life both privately and professionally. Cheryl is a Reiki Master who truly enjoys being a part of her clients’ healing journey and how this ancient practice can heal the mind, body and spirit. 

She is thrilled to be sharing her knowledge with her students and clients!


Allison Sheehan
RYT 200

Allison Sheehan

Allison Sheehan is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, and received her 200 hour teacher training certification in January of 2017, in East Greenbush, New York.  Allison is certified to teach both Kundalini and Hatha yoga, and began teaching weekly classes upon her certification. Allison began her yoga path in 2005, as the need and search for a path of self-care and stress management emerged personally. The everyday stress of working as a social worker in the community forced a practical and accessible solution. Once this journey began, Allison was hooked to the practice and never looked back. Allison has extensively practiced Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga, but her passion remains with Kundalini yoga and the power that this yoga has to transform. Allison has a special gift for connecting with people and making them feel at ease. With a gift of compassion, patience, and the desire to connect, Allison brings these gifts to her teaching style and to her students. “I only hope to make each student feel that yoga is not something for the elite, that it is a practice that we all can embrace and incorporate in our lives. Yoga is a practice that belongs to us all, and it is just a matter of finding what really resonates with each person. I wish for people to feel happier, live life, and to stop being so hard on themselves.” Allison’s goals related to teaching are to help people find relief, overcome self-limiting thoughts, transform, and live extraordinary lives.


Jennifer Karius
RYT 200


Jennifer first began her journey with yoga over 10 years ago with a home practice, mainly to balance out her gym workouts. In 2012 she received her certification in personal training , it was also at this time that she attended her first class at a local yoga studio. Immediately she fell in love with all of the benefits that come with a consistent yoga practice. Not only the physical aspects, but also the calming sense of well being that stayed with her throughout her day , and began to spill over into other areas of her life. By 2013 she had almost completed her 200 teacher training with Jennilee Toner . During this time Jen went through a series of life changing events, and she is convinced that if it wasn’t for her practice and the support of her, “yoga family”, she would not be where she is today.

Jennifer teaches a strong vinyasa class suitable for all levels, ” everyday is a new beginning and so at heart I believe we are all beginners, and by creating mindfulness in the present moment we can cuiltivate a new awareness in our daily lives.” You can expect to learn how to bring a soft focus to the breath and physical aligment , its not how the pose looks , but rather how it feels in your body. She also brings a sense of lightness to her classes through humor because life is stressful enough , yoga shouldn’t be!

Jennifer is currently working on her 100 hour advanced teacher training with Justin Wolfer in Saratoga , N.Y. Expect to leave her class feeling both empowered and at ease.


Acadia Rae
RYT 200


Acadia has been hopelessly in love with movement since she started her yoga/hula hooping journey back in 2013. She has been teaching and performing hula hoop on and off since that time. She decided in late 2017 that she wanted to take her yoga and teaching skills to the next level. By May 2018, she had graduated from JAI Yoga School with her 200-hour vinyasa certification. She integrates many forms of motion into her classes, creating a fun and dynamic atmosphere for her students to grow within.


Kateri Rhatigan-Catel
RYT 200


Kateri states that yoga found her, not the other way around. After going through the depths of depression and anxiety from experiencing devastating life traumas, she discovered the undeniable healing that comes from yoga, meditation, and self-awareness. As she began to transform from all of the benefits she was experiencing from her own yoga practice, she decided to do the the 200-hr yoga teacher training with Meghan Hogan and Lauren Toolin through Vidya Yoga in the spring of 2017. “I really didn’t know if I would end up teaching, I did it for my own healing, but I feel so pulled to help others. We are all going through stressful situations and some of us just need the tools to manage and that is exactly what yoga does. It is an energy-management system that brings peace into your life. The benefits are endless.”

Kateri said she knew something had been missing until she was on vacation with her family and stumbled upon a Buti yoga class. “I left that class and haven’t been the same since. It was exactly what I was looking for. The benefits of a hatha yoga/vinyasa class, but I felt so strong, sweaty, and ridiculously amazing.” She just recently got certified to teach Buti and is so excited to bring it to her community. Buti is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance and abdominal toning set to electrifying music.  It has been a life-changer since Kateri started back in the summer of 2018. 

She encourages you to be brave and come try Buti. You will feel so comfortable no matter what level you are when you come to Kateri’s class. Her energy is loving, fun and very contagious!


Sierra Archer
RYT 200

Sierra Archer

Sierra was first drawn to yoga during a time of deep healing and fell in love with its ability to shape both the mental and physical aspects of our wellbeing. Since the completion of her 200 hr training with Lauren Toolin through the Yoga Vidya school, Sierra has been deepening her studies of mindfulness, psychology, and ancient yogic texts. She is very drawn to teaching trauma informed yoga and yoga for mental health. Her classes aim to create a safe and tranquil environment, pairing breath with gentle movement to create ease of mind and set a space for deeper self exploration.


Genevieve Goetz
RYT 200

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 1.32.14 PM

Genevieve Goetz began practicing yoga in high school and knew she wanted to be a teacher, especially during her time living in Hawaii. She received a 250 hr yoga teacher certification from Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia 7 years ago. While Genevieve was studying Occupational therapy, she became extremely ill with Lyme Disease. After 3 years of being disabled and home bound, she has adapted her yoga practice to help ease symptoms and deal with the stress of being sick everyday. Genevieve now lives in Castleton, loves to garden and write, and continues to work on her on health journey. She can be found on Instagram at @lymeyogawarrior, and on Facebook at Yoga for Lyme Disease. She specializes in these kinds of workshops, like Yoga for Chronic Illness. Bringing peace to this community is very important and rewarding for her. She also loves to teach gentle, yin, restorative, vinyasa, beginner, outdoor and chair yoga


Meg Benesch
RYT 200


As a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and a Registered Nurse in the state of NY, Meg is almost always exploring some use of alternative therapy or medicine to benefit both mental and physical health. When she was introduced to the practice of yoga, it simply resonated with her.

 In April of 2018 Meg received her RYT 200 through Heartspace Yoga & Healing Arts in Troy, NY, but she has been practicing since 2009.  She has a passion for mental health, and has worked in addictions care as well as integrative medicine. She is dedicated to learning more about available holistic care pathways and is always actively seeking to gain knowledge from her colleagues and clients alike. Every class attended and every class taught is a learning experience for her. Meg has found a beautiful blend of both her yoga practice and her nursing practice and plans to use that help guide her clients through personal pathways to mental and physical well being


Tammy Stanizone
Bellydance Instructor 

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 1.25.36 PM

Tammy Stanzione, is the Artistic Dance Director of Ayperi-Alizarin Bellydance Studio in Troy, New York. She has studied classical dance since the age of five, and has been a professional Middle Eastern belly dancer, instructor and choreographer for almost 20 years. She continues to study to this day with both american, and international top instructors of Lebanese, and Egyptian dance.

She currently holds beginner through advanced classes at local learning institutions, colleges, universities, cultural centers, and beyond in the Capital District. Her latest, being Hudson Valley Community College, and the Emma Willard School, in Troy, NY. Sharing her knowledge of belly dance with women of all ages, and abilities is her true passion.




Isaac Rodruguez
Astronomer and Sidreal Astrologer 

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.02.38 AM


I have been a Spirit Seeker for most of my life. I will spare you all the details of my life journey but will share with you how I came to commune with the stars.

After 3 years of healing and learning with the sacred plant she let me go and guided me to the stars, she took me outside on a cold December night and pointed my eyes to the night sky. I had no relationship to the stars and constellations at the time. I just know on that night I received a lot of information from the Orion Constellation. I did my research for the next few days and realized the information given to me was true and it was ancient, ok so now at this point I was kinda freaking out. I went out and bought a telescope so I can further look into the night sky. I spend countless cold nights on my NYC rooftop observing the brighter objects, planets and moon. I later moved into a darker sky site and started taking astrophotos and developed a love for the ancient fire side stories of the cosmos. 

It wasn’t until my life started shifting again that I tried to figure out what’s happening by looking at the planets and constellations they were transiting. I found myself confused when the astrology websites gave forecast that didn’t match what I was observing with my telescope. I was even more shocked when I started asking my astrologer friends if they also saw this discrepancy through their telescopes. None of them owned a telescope or have ever looked through one.

There was a time when Astrology and Astronomy was one science, one healing art of self realization and akashic wisdom. What happened? This is now my journey, to restore this missing link between us and the stars.

Bringing the stars to my people and my people to the stars.