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Licensed Massage Therapist 


Kaitlynn started their journey in massage therapy by attending Mildred Elley in 2021 with the expectation of learning therapeutic touch to support those they love who experience chronic pain, but they left with that knowledge and more. They also gained a profoundly deepened self awareness and love, and heightened intuition. That growth allows them to combine their scientific background with holistic philosophy during their massage sessions. Kaitlynn understands the effects chronic pain or illness can have on all areas of a person’s life, and would like to help all clients feel more at peace with and at home in their bodies. They offer Swedish, deep tissue, and elder massage.

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Customized Therapeutic Massage | Uses Swedish, deep tissue, neuro-muscular and myo-fascial techniques to aid in the release of chronic tension and pain held deep in the muscles and connective tissue. In addition to aiding in circulation, benefits include an overall reduction in tension, stress and anxiety, promoting a peaceful and content state of mind. Your therapist will customize your session to meet your specific wants & needs. May include hot towels and/or aromatherapy. $95/hr

Gentle Elder Massage |Healing touch can be beneficial for all stages of life.
Our therapists use the utmost care with all of our clients and make sure your loved ones are getting a customized experience to best suit their needs. $75/hr


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