Spa Body Treatments


Body Wraps



Full body detox wrap – $80

The healing power of the earth has been used to detox the body from heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful toxins for centuries.  Om Shanti is proud to offer you these wonderful benefits in a full body detox wrap.  All products are 100% pure, All- Natural giving you the most healing experience!

Ask about adding essential oils or flower powders to any wrap to create your own blissfuly healing experience!

Choose full body/foot wraps  from: 

* Seaweed- Feel refreshed and hydrated with Seaweed gel made with Sea Kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath blue-green algae (the most nutrient rich of all algae). Great for hydration and detoxification.

* Aztec Clay – Cleanse and detox with 100% natural calcium bentonite clay from Death Valley Nevada. This ancient clay draws out impurities and deeply cleanses and detoxes the body, leaving the body/ face feeling firm, smooth and refreshed.

* Moroccan Red Clay- Moroccan red clay is considered one of the more rare and pure clays of the Earth. This firming, detoxing, cleansing clay is great for sensitive skin. 100% Pure Red Clay.  

* Goats Milk and Honey –  uses a combination of goats milk and honey to moisturize and revitalize the whole body.


Body Scrubs


Full body scrub – 60 mins – $80
Full body scrub w/ extended massage – 90 mins – $120

Body scrubs will not only massage away stress, tension, and dry, dead skin, but exfoliation helps with new cell generation, allowing new skin cells to form – leaving your body  feeling healthy, soft, silky and smooth! 


All body treatment products are all-natural and full of  life energy!