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What is Sidereal?

The word Sidereal comes from the Latin root word Sidus, which literally means belonging to the stars. ology means the study of or knowledge of. Astro means relating to the stars. Astrology translates as study of the stars. Sidereal Astrology translates as studying the stars which we belong to or which we come from.

Finding out you are a different sign is a tough one, most people don’t want to let go of what they identified with for their entire life. It’s my belief that this issue is one of the main causes of misunderstandings on this planet, we are really not who we thought we were. If we claim that we are from the stars then why have we been given and accepted the wrong alignment with our stars?

The first question that most people ask is what is the difference? Here is the answer. There is a movement in the cosmos which is not acklowledged in Tropical Astrology; This movement is called precession of the equinox also know as the great year or the platonic year. What is that? The Earth has 25,900 cycle through the zodiac. Every 72 years on the Spring Equinox the Sun is seen rising 1 degree backwards through the Zodiac (precession), this is where we get the term “the ages”. Each age is approximately 2,160 years. Every 72 years we click back 1 degree. Currently we are in the Age of Pisces which is why we see the constellation of Pisces rising at sunrise at the time of the Spring Equinox. It is said in 2150 A.D. we will have Aquarius rising at the Spring Equinox. My astronomy software shows the date as 2646 A.D., dawn of the new age, we have all heard that one before. I encourage you to do more research on your own to gain clarity on this topic of precession. The ancients knew of precession but somehow we lost this knowledge and our link to the stars, The Dark Ages.

Another point to make is the size of the constellations. In Sidereal Astrology not only do we use the actual location of the constellations, we also use the actual size of the constellations. In Tropical Astrology each sign is allotted an even 30 degrees which is not correct. In reality as it appears in the sky the constellations are different sizes, for example Virgo is 44 degrees, Pisces is 37 degrees, Aries 24 degrees, Taurus 38 degrees etc. In True Sidereal Astrology we also the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus.



1 hour @ $150.00
This natal reading will change everything you were told was true with your tropical astrology chart. Your sun, moon, rising sign and planets are about 24 degrees off alignment with the stars. True Sidereal Astrology aligns with the accurate location of the constellations and planets as they appear in the sky. True Sidereal Astrology aligns with the stars while Tropical Astrology aligns with the seasons and is disconnected from the stars.

30 minutes @ $75.00
3 month forecast of your transits and progressions. This is your guide map showing you how the current movements of the planets are affecting you. Know what possible paths and obstacles can be presented, so you can plot your course properly as you sail through the sea of stars. Note: to book this reading you must have completed a full natal reading with me so we can understand how you are currently working with your planets

1 hour 30 minutes @ $225.00
Synastry Readings helps two people understand each other so you can harness the synergy in your relationships either in a romance or with family and business partners. Please note: Each person has to have completed a natal chart reading with me to understand how you are working with your planets

30 minutes @ $75.00
The Moon is the fastest moving planet in our chart (12 degrees a day) known by the ancients as the great reflector of the light on our planet. It’s important to know the true sidereal location of the Moon and what aspects it makes to our natal chart during the full and new moons. Most astrology sites publishing full moon forecasts are completely off.
Note: to book this reading you must have completed a full natal reading with me so we can understand how you are currently working with your planets

15 minutes
Find out your True Sidereal Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs. Through astrology software and scientific astronomy software I will show you the true location of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs as they accurately appeared in the sky when you were born.


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