Herbal Bath Soaks


Sacred Mandala Foot Bath – 30 mins – $40

An array of salts, clays, flowers and herbs set up in a sacred mandala.
No two mandalas are created the same, so it’s unique to you!
Includes a sea salt foot scrub and deep conditioner.


Attractive naked girl enjoys a bath with milk and rose petals. Spa treatments for skin rejuvenation

Full Body Herbal Bath – 30 mins – $35

Choose from an array of herbs, clays, salts and teas for a unique, aromatic, hot, soothing bath!
Add to any massage or include other treatments creating a blissful, relaxing experience.  Sea Salts cleanse and purify, Earthly Clays draw out unwanted toxins and energy from the body, and herbal/flower/milk powders sooth sore muscles and hydrate the skin.

*Please call, text or email to book a full body soak or add on to your already scheduled treatment*


All ingredients 100% all natural or organic. 

*Please specify if you have any allergies, low blood pressure or if you are pregnant.






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