Aura Paintings

Art is inspiration and inspiration has a spiritual quality. 

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 $150 (8×10)

(Includes painting and a written interpretation of the energy art)

Please provide the following:

  1. Full name at birth.

  2. Date of birth including the year.

  3. Time of birth.

Should you prefer a different size please contact the address provided.

Turn around time for the finished product is generally 7-10 days for completion which includes the drying of the medium.

Medium used: Acrylic, oil, ink, watercolor and pastels. Determined upon inspiration.

To Order- Please email


About The Artist:

Susan Smith Cohen

Susan is an accomplished pianist/vocalist who always happened to see color around people from as early as she can remember. Twenty years ago, a medium told her that not only was she psychic but she could read peoples’ auras. Around the same time she picked up painting and discovered that through meditation and energy guiding, she could develop beautiful paintings that interpret the energy/auras of an individual.

I do not profess to be a medium but through intuition I pick up images through my painting.


Susan Cohen

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